I found Jennifer to be a highly professional and qualified practitioner. My first appointment with her was over a year ago. At that time my emotional well-being was extremely low. Today I am 100% improved. Jennifer played a big part in my journey back to normal mental health!

63 year old male working on addiction recovery, depression, anxiety

Jennifer is fantastic! She was great at validating any issues I had, helping me deal with them, and holding me accountable. Anytime she realized she misunderstood me or was being too hard on me she said so and backed off without letting me off the hook. I am happy that she helped me but sad I won’t be seeing her as often!

27 year old female working on divorce adjustment, remarriage, and anxiety

Our family has done better as a whole because of the therapy we have received. This has made a world of difference for us. My kids are happier and able to cope better with daily challenges.

Mother of 9 and 6 year old boys managing divorce adjustment

It is not easy to admit you’re jacked up to a complete stranger.  It actually sucks really bad and hurts like hell.  The first 8 weeks of my therapy I hurt bad.  Physically, emotionally…the whole enchilada.  But, slowly as each layer of hate was peeled back and thrown away I got better.

29 year old female working on relationship issues

I have been to a few different therapists; Jen has helped me the most by far. I feel like she really listened and had great insight for me. She is so personable and I felt more like coming to a friend than a doctor. Thank you!

22 year old female working on depression and anxiety

It has helped us so much! Jennifer was amazing with us.  It was hard to decide to come for help, now on the other side of getting help—I couldn’t imagine if we hadn’t come in.

Father of 11 year old boy working on anxiety

Jennifer was so great! I felt so comfortable in talking to her. She made so many good points that made so much sense and really helped me work through my problems.

20 year old female working on anxiety and premarital issues

Jennifer was exactly what I needed. She helped me find my own answers. She allowed me to share and grow—with her direction I made the changes that are leading to a healthier me. When I got to the point I felt good going on my own, she agreed and didn’t keep me coming just to come. I will be forever grateful.

37 year old female dealing with an abusive relationship

I appreciated Jennifer’s help so much. She was funny, had great analogies, and I felt she catered to the way that I wanted to work on things and learn.  She went my pace, and worked on things as I asked. She was also able to work in my beliefs with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how that applied to what I was working on.  She also had a lot of materials and handouts that were very useful.  Thanks again Jennifer!

22 year old female working on self-confidence and relationships

This really helped me. I liked the tips and skills you taught me. Before, I felt stuck; now, I can move forward. I enjoyed our time together and got a lot off my chest.

19 year old female working on overcoming abuse and trauma from her past

I was first unsure about going to therapy, but I’m glad I did and it really helped me out.

30 year old male working on addictions and self-esteem

You have been an amazing help in re-establishing the foundation of our marriage. Thanks for the tools.

30 year old husband and wife working through marital distress, broken trust, and communication issues

Jen Fairbourn has been there for me. I have been through years of counseling and she is the first one to really help me get through my problems by giving me the skills I need to do so as she is there to help me along the way.

26 year old female with bipolar disorder

Jennifer really helped me throughout my trials and tribulations and she really got to know who I was and understood how to help me solve my problems. Jennifer definitely made it so each solution was specific to my problems and she made me feel as though I could tell her anything.

15 year old female working on anger and self-esteem

I clicked with Jennifer at our very first session. She has a gentle approach and I enjoyed the challenge of “homework” I’m grown so much in the last 19 months since I first saw her. My husband and I also saw Jennifer and had a wonderful experience. She takes the time to hear both sides and really understand the issues.

39 year old female working on anxiety, stress, marital separation and reconciliation

Jennifer was always very easy to talk to and had valuable experience to share. She pushed me to question my ideas and think more positively. She approached my subjects of concern logically, which speaks to me personally. After each session I left feeling energized and able to tackle my obstacles.

28 year old female working through family issues, broken trust, and self-esteem