I came across a great analogy while I was sitting in church today.  After spending time in my own garden this week watering, weeding, pruning, and harvesting my vegetables; the following quote really hit home.  The full article can be found in the Ensign, but I would like to share the following section on the similarities between caring for a garden and caring for a marriage and family.

This “law of the harvest” connects behavior and its consequences together in an unbreakable relationship that has direct impact on every aspect of our lives—and especially on our marriages.

Like the flowers, fruits, and vegetables we grow in our gardens, our marriages reflect the nature of the seeds we have planted. If we have tried throughout our married life to plant seeds of love and harmony, then we are more likely to enjoy a rich harvest. Of course, the opposite can also be true. At any given moment, we are the sum of all our sowings.


It’s important to realize that marriages thrive where replanting is a constant process, where both husband and wife realize that a one-time planting at the beginning doesn’t ensure a perennial harvest. Each new day should be filled with planting, cultivating, and weeding. One day missed can lead to a week, or a year, missed—and the garden may soon become overgrown with weeds. However, as with gardens, neglected marriages can be renovated with careful replanting, meticulous care, and a great deal of patience.

I realize that I wouldn’t be enjoying my zucchini, beans, tomatoes and corn for dinner today had I not put in the time, energy and resources needed to nurture those vegetables every step along the way.  Like gardens, marriages need similar nurturing and attention every day.  Also, be sure to pluck the weeds out of your marriage so you can have a bountiful harvest and reap your own sweet rewards.